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Why keep working hard for somebody else’s dreams?

The CEO of the biggest dropshipping tool,
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decided to created an A-Z step-by-step dropshipping course.

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Now, I generate over
$317 a day from my living room!

William Geisel New-York, US

Lior Pozin, CEO & Co-Founder

11 YearsDropshipper

Over $1 Msales a month on eBay

Manages35 Stores

Created By a Top Dropshipping Expert

Lior Pozin is CEO and Co-founder of AutoDS, the biggest all-in-one dropshipping tool that helps sellers automate their business.

Lior has 11 years of experience in the dropshipping business. He’s an active eBay seller who manages a dropshipping empire with over 35 different e-commerce stores.

In the last few years, Lior mentored hundreds of dropshippers, pushed them to become a better version of themselves, and helped them achieve their success in the dropshipping industry.

Lior feels that NOW is the time to help you, starting from the first day of your journey so that you can live your life the way you want it.

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Create your own profitable eBay dropshipping business. Learn from the pro and Top-Seller who sold millions of dollars worth of products on eBay!

If you’re tired of your 9 to 5 job, and you’re still not earning enough for the life that you would like to have, you are in the right place.

AutoDS offers you a one-time opportunity to change your life and achieve more goals than ever before. It’s time to create your own online business!

We want to start the journey to a profitable online business with you. We will guide you through it with our knowledge, experience, automation tools, and, most importantly, our eagerness to help.

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What Is Dropshipping & Why eBay?

Dropshipping on eBay is the primary income source for many online entrepreneurs. The most crucial factor in this business model is that no inventory is needed to start the business!

This way, you don’t need to spend money before starting your e-commerce dropshipping business.

Also, eBay is the leading marketplace for dropshipping nowadays, as eBay already takes care of the traffic for you. It’s time for you to join the dropshipping entrepreneurs family!

How Does eBay Dropshipping Work?

First, you create your eBay account and start listing products in your store.

As soon as you list products, your listings will be displayed on buyers’ search results to buy.

Then, when your listed products sell, you go to the supplier website, for example, AliExpress, Amazon, etc. to purchase the product and send it directly to your buyer’s address.

You earn from the margin. The price difference between the selling price and the purchasing price. You are the one who chooses how BIG this difference will be.

Most consumers do not know how to search online for the best available deal.

Why Does eBay Dropshipping Work?

People trust eBay as a leading shopping marketplace. As eBay sellers, this trust will convert to free traffic of buyers visiting our stores.

Buyers go to eBay, search for the products they are looking for and then make the purchase.

We all prefer to pay a bit more for our convenience, which eBay provides the buyers with.

Sell From Anywhere At Any Time!

eBay is not about having an inventory and a physical store. A dropshipping business on eBay allows you to live your life the way you want it and plan your next adventure.

Do you have a laptop? Just take it with you to wherever you want to be, make sure to have an internet connection, and you’ll be all set to build and manage your e-commerce dropshipping empire.

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400 credits for HOT dropshipping products + 30 credits for auto ordering

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Who Are We?

AutoDS is the leading all-in-one dropshipping tool
that helps sellers automate their dropshipping business
allowing them to dedicate their precious time to the
things they love in life.


4 Years in The

A Leading

12k Stores Managed
By Autods

Our “Why?”

There are many courses out there that can teach you how to start
an online business – yet, our intentions and goals are different.

As a leading dropshipping tool, we want to have successful dropshippers,
because when they succeed, they become our long time valued members of our AutoDS community.

Our profit model is mainly based on your success: if you do not generate profit,
you will stop your business, which means we wasted our time with building this course for you.

What Do You Need to Start?


Will to succeed

Want to become your own boss

Basic English to communicate with your customers

Laptop with an internet connection

not Needed

Previous knowledge and experience

Loads of money upfront

10 hours a day to work on your business

Ideas for products to sell

Our package includes

Join Now & Get:

FULL Dropshipping Course
value: $497

30 Automated Orders
value: $10.50

30% Off For 3 Months In AutoDS
value: $62.38 (*New users only)

One month Free Subscription For Trackerbot
value: $89.99

400 Free Hot Products From AutoDS
value: $5.2

Bonus: 42 Pre-Made Dropshipping Message Replies For Any Situation
value: $100

Total Value $765.07

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Lior Is Committed To You!

“After many years of mentoring advanced level dropshippers on how to get their successful stores to the next top-level, I find that now is the time to share my knowledge.

I want to share it with all the people who want to build their own success stories to work, live, travel, and do the things they love in life.

I do not promise you a $1M income in your first month following the course, but I will teach you the most up-to-date techniques and tricks that will help you to create a long-term profit from your online business.

If you are ready to change your life and make the first step toward your success, don’t waste any more time!

Register to the AutoDS Official Dropshipping Course NOW.

Let’s build your success story together. Let’s get you waking up smiling, looking forward to the next day!”

Everything You Need to Become a Dropshipping Expert

Once you join the AutoDS dropshipping course, you officially become part of the big AutoDS family. By becoming one of us, you’ll be getting so much added value and support that you will not find anywhere else.

AutoDS offers the best environment for your profitable dropshipping business, pushing you to scale up to the sky.

Students Success Stories
& Testimonials

Course Curriculum

  • Meet Your Full Ecosystem - Course Introduction
  • Creating & Configuring Necessary Accounts
  • Products Finding Methods
  • List Your First Product + Optimize Your Listings!
  • Orders Fulfillment
  • Handling Customer Service
  • Things You Need To Know Before You Grow Your Dropshipping Business
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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

After the payment, you will get immediately an email with your login information.

Why would someone buy from me and not from the suppliers directly?

There are 4 main reasons for this:
1. eBay’s customers are loyal to eBay and they are buying from them for years, they prefer to buy from a brand that they already know, instead of other suppliers.
2. PayPal’s buyer protection – PayPal protects online buyers, which makes the buyers feel much safer to buy from you, compared to sites that don’t support PayPal, or not for all products.
3. eBay’s marketing – eBay is a huge company with over 700 MILION monthly visitors, there is a huge chance that one of them will just buy from you, as they are already there, in the “mall” that called eBay.
4. The HABIT – same as you are buying your electronic products, or even groceries always from the same place, same eBay’s customers.

Won't buyers get upset if they notice the item came from another retailer or website?

First, our statistics show that only 0.001% of the customers are contacting and complaining about it, most people just don’t care, and couldn’t even think about it that they are buying from a dropshipper.

Also, most of the suppliers in AliExpress know that you are a dropshipper and will not write that it arrived from AliExpress or any other supplier (you can also ask them for this)

Is this legal?

Sure! This is something that works for tens of years and it’s 100% legal.

I am not a U.S. resident. Will this work for me?

Lior is not a U.S resident by himself, as you can see it works perfectly for even not U.S residents.

How long will I have access to the course?

You get lifetime access for the course, and that’s not all – you will also get all of the upcoming improvements that we always release.

Is the course interactive and can I ask questions?

We have over 7 quizzes on the course that will verify that everything is clear. Also, we have two main support channels that will help you:
1. Students Telegram group where we answer all questions and help there
2. When you Join AutoDS you will get priority support for any technical questions 🙂

If this really works, then why are you sharing your own strategies online?

Our main goal is not to make profits from dropshipping, but to help people to make profits from dropshipping, because when more people are making profits from dropshipping, more profits for AutoDS from their subscriptions.